Auto capsule filling Machine

The efficient way for Pahrma Cartoning.

PEW 70 is a compact fully automatic capsule filling machine that can fill powder / pellets into hard gelatin capsules. The machine works on Tamping principal. The powder is formed into a slug and is delivered to the body of capsule. The auto capsule filling machine is designed to give output of 70,000 capsules per hour with high filling accuracy and can fill capsule sizes 00,0,1,2,3 & 4 The actual production depends on the quality of capsules, characteristics of the filling powder / pellets and humidity condition. The capsule filling machine is made as per GMP standards. Contact parts are Stainless Steel 316 & other parts are covered with Stainless Steel 304

Salient Features of Capsule filling Machine

1. Compact design, covered with Stainless steel 304, acrylic doors with micro switches
2. Temping system for Powder Filling with accuracy of + 3%
3. Speed & other setting can set on Touch screen HMI
4.Gauges are provided for easy change over

Technical Specification of Auto Capsule filling machine

OUTPUT 70,000 capsules / hour
Main Drive 3 Phase,1.5 HP, 380/440V, 50 Hz
Powder Feeder 3 Phase, 0.25 HP, 380/440V, 50 Hz
Dust Extractor 3 Phase, 2 HP, 380/440V, 50 Hz,125 CFM
Vacuum 3 Phase, 3.00 HP, 380/440V, 50 Hz
1000 Ltrs/min, 30CFM, 500mm – 20” of Hg.

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Full Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Fully automatic capsule filling machine is the newest designed equipment ,which totally meet GMP, ISO, and USA FDA requirement. This machine is very nice, decent, and easy to operate, especially the electrical control cabinet is independent from machine, which meet the requirement of FDA and CE, regarding to the safety of the operator.

This is a newly created full-automatic closed intermittent capsule filling machine with multiple tamping stations.It completes the following process:feeding capsule,detaching capsule, filling, ejecting defective capsule,closing capsule, discharging finished capsule automatically.

Machine features:

This machine can be equipped with vacuumm loader for capsules and powder, which reduces the wokers cost, and all the operation is conducted on the touch screen, which is a highly automation machine of water, electricity and pneumatic.

1. Accurate orientation, Capsule vacuum positioned mechanism to make the capsule upload percentage over 99%.
2. Freely adjusting dosage, easy speed selection and closed capsule length adjustment.
3. PLC program control panel with LCD.touch screen operation, and monitoring function.
4. Displaying in-time speed and accumulative output.
5. Auto-trouble shooting,lack of material, lack of capsule, block in material channel and other mechanical trouble, make alarm and stop automatically.
6. Electrical Appliance control system approved to CE, and international standard.
7. Quick and accurate change part set-up, easy to remove rotary table and ring carrier assembly.
8. Fully enclosed dosing stations and rotating table for integration of the whole capsule filling plants.
9. working station cam runs under the good lubricating condition, extends the operating life of change is made by USA HASS CNC machine.

Technical Parameters

Model PEW-NC-NJP800
Output 48000
No. of die orifice 6
Filling percentage = 99%
Power (kw) 380V.50Hz 3.5KW
Vacuum 27m3/h -0.02~-0.08Mpa
Machine dimensions 1350*1020*1850
Weight (kg) 850Kg
Noise emission < 73dB(A)

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Designed to serve the need of R & D purpose, small batches, trail run for large scale as well as regular production in small scale pharmaceutical companies.

The 300 holes GMP model manually operated hard gelatin capsule filling machine is the most widely used machine of its kind in the pharmaceutical industries. This machine is small and reliable for small units. Speedy and efficient operations are assured from numerous improvements introduced over many years of its wide and varied application in industry Simplicity of operation and the moderate output makes the machine ideal for - Large variety and low volume encapsulation operations. -Small manufacturing units.-Hospitals and pharmacies. -Filling of ayurvedic formulations and R&D laboratories.

Salient feature:

• New improved design gives negligible rejections and ensures better return on investment.
• Contact parts Stainless steel construction and use of non- corrosive approved materials eliminates contamination and facilitates easy
cleaning.• Simple design and robust construction ensure long life and trouble free operation.
• Table and partial filling attachments can be offered to suit filling of specific formulations.
• Precision manufacturing technique ensures inter changeability of size parts and spares.
• Easy maintenance and read availability of spares reduces down
time of the machine drastically.
• All the loading plates are made of S.S. 304 quality.

Technical Details:

1. Out put 6000+ capsules/ hour for capsules of ‘oo’ to ‘5’ Depending on formulation and operator skill.
2. Weight 48 Kgs.
3. Gross Weight 78 Kgs.
4. Case dimension 508 x 508 x 460 H.

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